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New Job..

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#1 drebo



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Posted 11 May 2015 - 06:48 PM

Jake has a new job, i thought now that he is mature and sensible :ph34r: he could have a little more responsibility :)  so after a short induction iv made him the poultry manager :D


He looks after the girls, checks for eggs and makes sure the coop is in order.


20150511_185219.jpg 20150511_185308.jpg 20150511_185240.jpg


20150511_185221.jpg 20150511_185232.jpg


The two in the pic have gone broody and i thought if Jakes head up their a**e doesn't shift them nothing will .......and it didn't shift them :lol:


Andrea and a very busy Jake xxxx

#2 Beachdane



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Posted 11 May 2015 - 07:12 PM

Very funny.  Good for them to have responsibility and I hope you are paying him well.  lol

#3 Beckyy



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Posted 11 May 2015 - 07:28 PM

Hahaha, Duke is also our poultry manager. Although he just tends to lie in their dust bath on warm days and sniff them. They're convinced he has corn and follow him up the garden everytime he goes out  :lol:


Lovely hens you have!

#4 kristal



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Posted 11 May 2015 - 10:08 PM

Perhaps Jake has gone broody too :wub:

#5 brindlegirl



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Posted 12 May 2015 - 05:07 PM

Ive only recently introduced Pie to my chickens, took nearly all of his 7 yrs for me to dare to let them all meet up (he has a very high prey drive for small furries)

would be nice if he could have become

the 'poultry Manager'

but hes shows absolutely no interest at all. 




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Posted 12 May 2015 - 10:55 PM

Lol love it....
We are surrounded by shoots here, mainly Pheasant and we frequently have pheasants in the garden...seeking refuge I guess, ok yes I feed them much to the annoyance of the game keepers I am sure!

Pheasant are not to put to fine a point on it are not the brainiest birds in the world and quite often will just sit there and not move until the very last moment when Enzo and Rosa go dashing into the garden to play with the visitors.

Enzo is fantastic, he just walks up to them very calmly and we now have several that just walk away slowly to another part and then saunter back again, but if Rosa goes out she has to go galloping hell for leather towards them and off they fly.

Where we have moved from was exactly the same but we had a wild area in the orchard which this time of year was occupied by a number of nesting pheasants, during breeding time both Danes were banned from that area so as not to disturb them at that time of year but it was fantastic to see the newbies being taken out on an eve by their mum when they were old enough.