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Anyone In The East Yorks/bridlington Area

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#1 Skyblue_scarlet



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Posted 20 September 2015 - 10:02 AM

Hi all, 

Im looking to see if there is anyone nearby who can recommend any training classes or who have experience with stubborn Dane pups for some advice with our pup. Hes 5mths but has seemingly started the age of defiance (ie hes pushing his luck and not listening) Hes pretty good all round although hes just started being funny with his food which is why Im after some help. It seems more of a your gonna steal it thing over any other and I must be doing something wrong as everything im trying so far doesnt seem to have worked hence looking for someone in person to give us a hand..

Other than that hes friendly and bouncy and it would be great if theres anyone nearby who fancies a walk/play as all the dogs hes played with so far are, how shall i say.... of a squishable size! just last week he was playing with a spaniel of the same age but obviously a 1/4 of the size and the silly sod tripped over his own feet and nearly flattened her! Owner became a little wary in case hed bitten her until i reasured him by lifting my big lump of a pup up. He fell, heard the yelp and just froze, my pup is a muppet at times...hes currently sitting beside me licking the side of the desk..



anyways any help would be most welcome

Laura x

#2 kimscot



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Posted 20 September 2015 - 06:16 PM

Ah Laura been there still doing that and my Fox is 18 months.. :wacko:

I know no damn help at all. Fox has flattened one or two little mutts, through no fault but his size..He's lovely but no one get's it??

Pity, I live in South Yorkshire otherwise I'd be delighted to give you a hand..

Fox reached this stage at 6 months and he's still a work in progress..But I KNOW he'll get there........eventually....... :D

You are not alone..Be firm girl.. :blink:

Kim x

#3 drebo



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Posted 20 September 2015 - 06:58 PM

Danes are clumsy so you can expect the odd tripping up over little dogs they play with especially as a youngster, but they can learn to be careful and steady around them too.


Most of Jakes friends are really small dogs and this morning he met a 3 month old boarder collie whilst  we were out and was great with him.


I always remember what Hazel says about Danes can think for themselves :rolleyes: oh they do push their luck lol

Im no expert on training but you get lots of good advice.


Andrea xx




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Posted 20 September 2015 - 09:28 PM

Lol oh that wonderful age!!
Yes I think we all remember having a Dane like that.....

We are actually near Pickering which isn't tooooooo far away, but sadly at the moment I would not want to bring Enzo my boy as he is 8years and is just getting settled with heart meds, so taking things a little steady.

However Rosa our other Dane who will be 8 in December is always ready for a walk and some fun, although that age she still believes she is a puppy, just a very big one!! And she can still gallop for England!

I do know of someone who is in North Yorks who is a behaviourist and has I believe had good results, I will try to find her details for you.
Failing that try asking at your vets surgery who may know of someone local to you or if you go to a training class they may have some details.
Believe me it gets better, just stick to your guns no matter how sweet the face you get when you tell them off, keep at it.
Terri Enzo and Rosa

#5 Lindsey



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Posted 21 September 2015 - 11:50 AM

Hi there, we live in Nottinghamshire, but I spend quite a bit of time up at Flamborough - my parents have a caravan there.  Hopefully we are moving up to the area next year, but for the time being its just visits.  but I have Barry (2.5 year old great dane) and Brenda (2. something year old lab).  We spend hours pounding the beach when we are up there so next time we are over we can arrange a meet if you want - both are friendly and love the sea and love playing. 


In fact Barry is quite well known in a couple of the pubs in flamborough (not sure why that is :wacko:).


There is a lady that lives Filey way with 3 danes, 2 bitches and a dog - I met her just a couple of weeks ago on the beach at Humnaby.

#6 Skyblue_scarlet



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Posted 26 September 2015 - 10:39 AM

Hi everyone,


thanks for replying. Its nice to know youre not the only one! Now hes really starting to grow I dont half get some looks if he decides to misbehave while were out as only a handful of (ahem sensible) people seem to realise hes a puppy. I think ive only seen 2 other big breeds around here. The others im sure are about but must be a bit further out of the way. He was playing with one a Dogue de Bordeaux the other week on the beach and it was brilliant to watch as it seemed like real playing unlike the smaller dogs which seems more of a chase and squish at some point lol...


Do let me know if anyone is around and fancies a run though...


Lindsey, an old school friend of mine lives that way Ill have to ask if she knows her next time I see her.. sure you cant miss 3 of them together nearly half the population up there! lol