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Hello All, New User, Just Put Our Beautiful Blue To Sleep

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Posted 28 January 2017 - 11:25 PM

Hello all,

Today is a very sad day, the first day in nearly 9 years without our beloved Lily being here.

Our Lily has over the past two years slowly lost the use of her back legs and we think she had 'wobblers syndrome'.

Over the last two months things got worse and we decided a few times to put her to sleep but then she got better and we postponed the 'final' task.

Last week it seemed things did go suddenly downhill again and we made an appointment for yesterday and took her in the morning to the places we've stayed over the last 9 years. She so enjoyed it and was settling in front of then fire, playing with her treats ball, when the moment arrived the vet came.

We booked a home visit, with sedation and then to put her to sleep. The vet hadn't the sedative with him and said it would make his job more difficult because it would lower the blood pressure and he could have difficulty finding a vane. He offered once to go and get the sedative but explained he didn't need it and that the dog wouldn't feel a thing. So we trusted him and proceeded without the sedative.

Once before I had to put my pet to sleep and with the two step method (sedation/passing) and found it a peaceful experience with a last chance to stop and to reconsider that last horrific step...

Lily was perky, alert and enjoying the fuss she got from the vet and he stated she was alert and playful.

I doubt you ever will be 'ready' for this even though you say...

It took less then 10 minutes and everything was passed...clinical, mechanical and painful for us owners.

Another 15 minutes later the vet and nurses left with Lily, I think we had 5 minutes with Lily after she passed away away and the vet and Nurses did not even inform us they would leave so we missed out on seeing our beloved friend leaf.

What on earth happened? Nothing went as to what we expected and we are feeling robbed from a true friend. We feel guilty and can't stop thinking we have betrayed our Lily so badly.

We hardly slept after this horrible event.

Went to see the vet today to talk about our bad experience. Their lacking in communication and to take our beloved friend to a different vet and let them care for the funeral arrangements since we no longer trust this vet.

They allowed us to spent three hours with our beloved friend before we left and we were informed were the cremation will take place, the number to contact them and a berievement line. Such a difference in approach!

We're still depressed, struggling to cope with this experience questioning ourselves did we make the right decision? Feeling guilty that we did cut short Lily's life. The pain is aweful.... how to cope with this?

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Posted 06 February 2017 - 05:16 PM

I am so sorry for your loss, I know how painful it is.


Run free sweet gilr

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