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Loose Poo

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#1 Rosie1962



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Posted 09 February 2017 - 01:08 PM

Hi to you all, I just need some advice my dane puppy is 8 weeks old and has loose stools since the moment I brought him home.
The owner breeder had all his checks done jags and wormed and he goes back for his next jags at 10 weeks.she fed him on wet biscuit don't know what as never got a duet sheet she said feed him on adult food of my choice.
He is very active and sleeps well but very hungry his ribs were showing when we got him but looking alot better now.

I'm feeding him on harringtons adult chicken and rice with some butchers tripe mixed through 4 cups divided into 3 meals per day.


#2 Hazel



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Posted 09 February 2017 - 07:55 PM

Your breeder should have sent your puppy to his new home with a pack of food to get him started.  You should also have received a diet sheet and quite a lot of other paperwork - a receipt, paperwork from the microchip provider so you can change the ownership details, Kennel Club paperwork for same reason, and I'd also expect care guidelines and other information pertaining to Danes.  If you haven't had that, ask for it.


With regard to loose stools, the first question is when he was last wormed (this information should be in the puppy pack).  Puppies need to be wormed once a month until they are six months old.  By the sound of it you have changed his diet; also, the water will have changed.  Either can cause stomach upsets; the trauma of leaving his siblings can also exacerbate the problem.  Any canned food is 80% water, and a complete is meant to be just that (no extras), so that also may contribute.  I would skip a couple of meals  to give his stomach a chance to recover and then feed cooked chicken and rice or something equally bland for a day or two until his stools are firmer before recommencing your chosen food.  If he is a baby puppy, feed four times a day - little and often - and reduce the frequency in a couple of months if he is ready (you will know when - he will skip a meal).


Good luck, and enjoy your puppy - they don't stay that way for long.