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Itchy Skin

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Posted 31 October 2017 - 04:54 PM

Hi all,


Dennis (7 month), over the past few weeks has started scratching really badly on his stomach. 


It first happened at around 3 month old when he was first allowed out, the weather was hot and the grass everywhere around us had been freshly cut. He was rolling around in it and we were told by the vet that it was a grass allergy. 


He was given a steroid injection and a course of antibiotics, this worked and the allergy went away for several months.


It has since came back, the vet again told us it was his grass allergy playing up, another steroid injection & course of antibiotics ensued. However this time, once the course of antibiotics finished the itch came immediately back.


We have went back to the vets for a third time and the vet now says its either a food or grass allergy, however he is too young for a blood test to determine for exact. He has been put on hypoallergenic food for several weeks now as well as a course of steroid tablets and steroid injections. The course of both steroid and antibiotic tablets are now coming to an end, and again, the scratching returns.


When he scratched previously the skin went pink, raw & blotchy. It was mainly on his stomach & armpits. He occasionally chewed his paws too. 


We have repeatedly hoovered and cleaned his bedding & area where he sleeps (even bought brand new bedding to be on the safe side) to ensure that it wasn't lice or a reaction to our washing up detergent.


Does anyone have any recommendations we could use? He scratches mainly & at the longest first thing in the morning upon waking & then occasionally throughout the day. 


Myself & girlfriend do believe it is a grass allergy given his constant tendency to eat grass cuttings (!) and roll around in the grass every time we take him for a walk. Obviously we would both wish to keep him off the grass for good if possible, but given we are surrounded by large fields it's difficult.


Thank you.



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Posted 01 November 2017 - 01:52 AM

The vet told me to bath my girl in head and shoulders shampoo when she had some skin problems. She has never had any since then. Might be worth a try